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About Me

My motto is DAIDAIDAI.

My Smile My Army.

I focus on Action.

I am a Photographer, Backroads Leader, Event Manager and an avid student of life though not in that order.
I am fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, business, philosophy and intercultural relativism.
I love seeing a different point of you and try to make that my Job. 

Total Extrovert. I thrive in Events with many people.
100% Made in Italy, I now live in Verona, between our HQ in Officine Vivaldi and the world.
Deeply Happy and Anti-drama, my favorite story is 塞翁失马 Read it here:

Current Update: here it is what I am doing right now:

I am Founder and Organizer of the Women Motors Bootcamp: women only event for Motors and Airplanes.

I work with Officine Vivaldi, the greatest special Vehicle park in Europe. i would consider it not only a job but a lifestyle instead.

I am a Backroads Leader, that means travel the world biking and hiking in the best places on earth.

I am an Event and Sport Photographer. Enjoying now the 2 wheels world more than anything else.

I come and still cooperate with Event Management Companies, Worked at EXPO 2015 for the Malaysia pavilion and worked as event manager for The Global Executive Net.

Bragging Bio:

When I was a girl worked as professional Model, Cool Job, Good Time but No Food. No soul. Dropped early, around 19 years old when I started collaborating with Lamborghini and other automotive brands.

Since then still working in event management both in Fashion, Automotive and Sports Industries.

Loving Motorbikes and Running. Training now to be a better Off-road Rider.

domitilla GQ Italia.JPG

GQ Italia

Condenast/ 31 Oct 2018

Sono cresciuta a latte e benzina nel biberon. Se nasci e cresci a Bologna in qualche modo hai un motore nel cuore, che sia a 2 o 4 ruote non importa ma é lì che ruggisce finché non lo porti in giro. 

Forbes Domitilla.JPG


Breanna Wilson / 8 July 2019

So, I asked my friends – some of the most badass, coolest girls in the motorcycle industry that I know – the same question. 

madame figaro.JPG


Oceane Ciuni / 20 July 2019

Le festival a surplombé la Cité de l’océan à Biarritz, avec son cortège de motos, de surf, de skate et de concerts. En regardant de plus près, nous avons trouvé les femmes qui participent à son rayonnement.



Who trusts Me and Who i Trust.

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